From past guests

  • 44 Moonah Links 1

    • Amy Madden Vic.

      Best place to stay!! I've stayed at Moonah Links a couple of times now and always request apartment 44 as it has been freshly renovated with new paint and carpet. Its also conveniently located on the ground floor and has a great view over the putting green. Fantastic attractions nearby including The Hot Springs, Sorrento shops, beaches and the wineries. A perfect place to stay for a perfect long weekend.

  • 101 Poinciana Lodge 4
    • Jerry Lee

      A good start of the year! We had such an amazing time during our stay at 101 Poinciana Lodge. The employees are friendly and very accommodating. The landscape provides such a nice view. The apartment has a spacious lounge room which was perfect for our larger family. A huge wall mounted LCD TV was a bonus for the men in our family J. The kitchen is very clean and well equipped. The apartment has everything that made our holiday worthwhile and memorable. We will be visiting 101 Poinciana Lodge again soon. Thank you for giving us quality service. From: Lee family

    • Madison White

      Hi! I highly recommend 101 Poinciana Lodge to anyone who wants to experience a great holiday. Such a wonderful place to just let yourself loosen up from a very busy and hectic schedule. My husband and I enjoyed our stay and we cannot wait to visit this place again for our next holiday. Thumbs up!

    • Kurt Vince Graham

      Wonderful family holiday. We will remember it fondly for years to come. The island is beautiful and Poinciana 101 was spacious, modern and clean. The valet was prompt and friendly. The booking staff were helpful and overall our experience was fabulous.

    • Kimberly Lewis

      The apartment is great with everything we needed. The whole place is clean and the breeze coming from the ocean is so refreshing that you can just turn off the air conditioner, open the windows, and breathe fresh air while you relax and enjoy the comforts that the apartment has to offer. Thank you so much.

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  • Apollo Quay 4
    • Danny Evans

      My wife and I spent our 5th wedding anniversary at the Apollo Quay with our 2 kids. We stayed there for almost a week. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there. It is very clean and safe for my kids. Great thanks and appreciation from me, Jen, Cassie, Claire.

    • Marie Anne Anderson

      In short, we just love everything about our holiday at 28 Apollo Quay. We felt very energized after we had this break and surely we will be looking forward to another holiday soon.

    • Casey Williamson

      A lovely apartment with plenty of room. Very clean and well equipped. Lovely people to deal with. A real pleasure thank you.

    • Lee Kim Yeong

      My friends and I had a fantastic getaway. We stayed at the 28 Apollo Quay apartment. It's very nice and spacious. Kitchen is well-equipped. Comfortable beds (some seemed brand new!) in every room. We all loved it here. Thank you for the excellent service and accommodation. We will be back soon!

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  • Beached At Bungan 1

    • Jon Gardner

      The photos were beautiful however the actual house is far more amazing. The location was second to none. We felt like superstars. Will be back next year. Thanks so much.

  • Blue Pearl5
    • Beckie Harris

      We want to extend our thanks to the staff of the Blue Pearl for giving us quality accommodation and service during our stay. The house is very beautiful with wooden floors and the views seen from the decks, living areas and all bedrooms are wonderful. It has a great private pool deck with endless ocean views and very private surrounded by pine trees. The living areas are very well ventilated with great ocean breeze and it is spacious which was ideal for our whole family. Overall, the house is incredible. We will return as soon as we can.

    • Scott Murphy

      The Blue Pearl is impressive. We stayed here for almost a week. I spend most of my time relaxing on the upper deck and exploring the places and attractions nearby. The service and amenities are excellent, beautiful island views, and polite staff. Without a doubt, I will book another stay at the Blue Pearl.

    • Elena Walker

      My brother was the one who recommended the house to us. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the very friendly staff valet staff. The views of the ocean and the landscapes around the house are incredible. The house has a waterfall feature, plunge pool on the lower deck, large fridge, bathtub, and a lot more. The surroundings are peaceful which made it perfect for spending quality time with my family. I can assure you that the house has everything you need from facilities, services, to breathtaking sights that Hamilton Island has to offer. Truly remarkable!

    • Julia Clark

      The views were the best we have had on Hamilton Island and we have stayed in numerous properties before this one. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore was soothing. Loved sitting on the deck listening to them. The smell of the pine trees surrounding the house was divine. Lots of space and plenty of features. Staff were very helpful. All in all fantastic experience and will be back.

    • Anthony Nicholls

      The house has the most fantastic private verandah overlooking the waters of the whitsundays. It faces north and has beautiful breezes flowing through the house. It has three fantastic bedrooms with very comfortable beds, air conditioned, quiet, and luxurious ensuite and main bathroom. A well equipped kitchen and big lounge make this the place for a fantastic family holiday. The buggy ride to the main resort or front street takes no time at all and Hamilton Island is well serviced by wonderful restaurants, cafs, bottle shop, general store and of course Trader Pete's. A trek to Passage Peak is a challenge and a reward....a view of heaven from on high. Do yourself a favour a go, we will certainly be back.

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  • Casa Albero Via Roma 5
    • Sarah Miller

      If you want to experience a very memorable holiday, I highly recommend Casa Albero Via Roma. The house is beautifully furnished and incredibly designed. It felt like we were at our very own resort or perhaps even our very own castle. The swimming pool and outdoor spa is solar heated and I love how they added soft artificial coral. The wide views of the river are stunning. There is a security system, WIFI, coffee machine and everything you could possible want. Overall the house is breathtaking. We will surely visit again soon.

    • Dean Thomas

      My wife and I had such a great time at Casa Albero Via Roma. We chose this house because of its location and architectural design. The theme of the house gives you the feeling of being close to nature whilst amidst luxury. The house is perfect and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

    • Fred Anderson

      Casa Albero Via Roma is the best place to stay and unwind. The service is fantastic. Mara and Astrid were very professional, warm and friendly from the moment we made contact to the time we departed. They had cold beer and champagne in the fridge and they even bought us some bait as we mentioned our keen interest in fishing. The house has a jetty, fishing rods, tackle box, esky and crab pots so you can imagine where we spend most of our time. And yes we caught fish. The dcor is incredible. My wife spend hours in the outdoor spa and who can blame her. The house deserves perfect rating for quality service, good location, and amazing views. Thanks Casa Albero Via Roma!

    • Laura Tran

      Our family referred to this amazing place as our very own castle. It's spacious and the features are breath taking. Lots of extra things like WII and XBOX for the kids, large amount of kitchen items, coffee machine, pool toys, huge boxes of toys the kids just loved, DVDs, fishing rods, esky and too many others to mention. The people who run it are very friendly and helpful. We loved our holiday and we have already booked for next year. See you again soon!

    • Dee Simpson & Family

      Thank you so much, you are wonderful, also we had a wonderful holiday, and will return again, if you ever need to give a reference for the most unusual beautiful home you can give my number out, it so so special and we appreciated the professional way in which everything was handled. Thank you so much.

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  • Casuarina 16 5
    • Mike Thompson

      Casuarina offers the best service on Hamilton Island. We never had any problem with our booking. We were amazed by all the beautiful views surrounding the villa. The interior is spacious, clean and well maintained. So far, it was the best vacation we had and we would like to recommend this property to our relatives and friends back home. They will surely love it as much as we do. Thank you so much.

    • Steven Young

      We enjoyed our stay at Casuarina 16 with my family and friends. The property is clean, service is excellent, the views are great, and everything about the villa is just so perfect. We want to visit the property again soon. Casuarina 16 deserves 5 stars.

    • Valma Norris

      We are so glad we picked Casuarina 16. The booking process was flawless. The valet was friendly and on time. The property has the best views and an ideal location. It is within walking distance to the marina thus great if heading out for a meal and you don't want to drive back in the free buggy. The swimming pool is right next door which was great with the kids. Everything we needed was there and it exceeded our expectations. We would definitely consider returning... soon!

    • Aimee Smith

      The views of the ocean were breath taking. Plenty of room on the decks with outdoor dining and large BBQ. The apartment is well equipped with everything we needed. Great location right next to the swimming pool so the kids could wander off and have some fun without us worrying about them. Buggy had seat belts which was great. Last year we stayed somewhere without seat belts on the buggy and having seat belts we felt is essential. Able to walk to the marina easily. Fantastic experience!

    • Jasper Reed

      Having our holiday at Casuarina was priceless. The property has everything. Comfortable beds, clean sheets and linens, nice barbeque setting, modern kitchen appliances, and many more. My kids enjoyed the buggy ride and they loved the pool and the beach so much. The best thing about the villa is that it is a safe place for children. A 101% rating from all of us. - Reed Family

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  • Clear Water 4
    • Aries Jones

      I'm very happy that I chose this property for the family holiday. The views are great and they offer fantastic service. My family loves the house so much that they wanted to visit again sometime next year.

    • Ken Williams

      Definitely want to visit ClearWater again soon. My fianc and I had such a great time. We invited some of our friends to the house and the accommodation was great and the service exceeded my expectations. Nice views during the day and also during night time. Perfect for a romantic getaway with your friends and loved ones.

    • Roger Ford

      Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after our booking. The house was fantastic. The views spectacular. Loved the pool. The buggy was fun. Clearwater is in a quiet scenic spot but still only a few minutes by buggy to marina, resort and restaurants. We also took advantage of the complimentary bus that stops not far from front door every half an hour. Everything was great. Thanks again.

    • Michelle Smith

      The house is really nice and my kids enjoyed it lots. It has very good ambiance and it is ideal for you guys out there who want to relax. The kitchen is superb! They have the best quality of appliances and it made you feel that you are really at home. I will recommend this place to my friends. A perfect rating for excellent service and accommodation.

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  • Cullen Bay 4
    • Jason Young

      We had a very relaxing holiday. We would like to thank the management and staff of the Cullen Bay Waterfront Holiday Home for the smooth booking process and warm welcome. The house was fully equipped with the things that we needed. It was very spacious and well maintained. The interior looked freshly painted. The house has a perfect house location. All rooms were spotless. The best holiday we had. This property deserves a 5 star rating.

    • Princess Martin

      My husband and I spent our first vacation of the year at the Cullen Bay Waterfront Home. We were so happy that we picked the perfect destination. The ambiance is very light and relaxing. We will be back for the next holiday and we will bring some of our friends as there is plenty of room. They will surely enjoy as much as we did. The views were fantastic. Thank you so much. From: Denise and Bob

    • Shane Alexander Byrne

      A great spot within walking distance to the Cullen Bay Marina. At the marina there are load of restaurants to enjoy. The house is spacious and well equipped. Kids loved the pool. Overall a very positive holiday experience. Very friendly and helpful people managing this place.

    • Mimi Lee

      My family and I spent our most memorable and the best holiday so far at the Cullen Bay Waterfront Holiday Home. Booking was never a problem. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. We just loved everything about the house. Just so perfect! The pool was perfect for relaxing. We also enjoyed hanging out on the deck with the great views of the bay. Really breathtaking. We will surely be booking our next holiday again at Cullen Bay Waterfront Holiday House.

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  • Cullen Bay 4
    • Jason Young

      We had a very relaxing holiday. We would like to thank the management and staff of the Cullen Bay Waterfront Holiday Home for the smooth booking process and warm welcome. The house was fully equipped with the things that we needed. It was very spacious and well maintained. The interior looked freshly painted. The house has a perfect house location. All rooms were spotless. The best holiday we had. This property deserves a 5 star rating.

    • Princess Martin

      My husband and I spent our first vacation of the year at the Cullen Bay Waterfront Home. We were so happy that we picked the perfect destination. The ambiance is very light and relaxing. We will be back for the next holiday and we will bring some of our friends as there is plenty of room. They will surely enjoy as much as we did. The views were fantastic. Thank you so much. From: Denise and Bob

    • Shane Alexander Byrne

      A great spot within walking distance to the Cullen Bay Marina. At the marina there are load of restaurants to enjoy. The house is spacious and well equipped. Kids loved the pool. Overall a very positive holiday experience. Very friendly and helpful people managing this place.

    • Mimi Lee

      My family and I spent our most memorable and the best holiday so far at the Cullen Bay Waterfront Holiday Home. Booking was never a problem. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. We just loved everything about the house. Just so perfect! The pool was perfect for relaxing. We also enjoyed hanging out on the deck with the great views of the bay. Really breathtaking. We will surely be booking our next holiday again at Cullen Bay Waterfront Holiday House.

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  • Oak Beach Beach House 5
    • Abby Wilson

      We will never forget our holiday at 24 Oak Beach. We had so much fun. The house had everything we needed. It is ideal for those who want some privacy. Our holiday was truly amazing!

    • Joseph Miller

      The house had everything we needed. We felt very close to nature with trees surrounding the house and the beach nearby. An ideal house for the whole family. Thank you for the wonderful holiday experience.

    • Haley Barnes

      Great holiday destination! Good value for our money and we had a blast. The house was awesome and we love everything about it. Clean rooms, good pool, stunning beach close by and more. Simply great! Would highly recommend this property to our relatives and friends back home.

    • Ashleigh Russel

      Clean, affordable and spacious house and very close to the beach. Beach is beautiful and just across the road. The road is a cultesac road so it's very quite. Guy the local manager was super helpful. Astrid and her team were responsive and made everything easy. Thanks again!

    • Stevens, June 2014

      Just a short note to say thank you, we had a fabulous 2 weeks at 24 Oak Beach. The property is excellent, I would recommend it far & wide, but also kind of want to keep it a secret. We would look to return again next year.

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  • Oak Beach Boathouse 2
    • Carmela Adams

      We loved our holiday at the Oak Beach Boathouse. The house is right on the beach so the views are pretty spectacular. Everything we needed was there. Plenty of space for our family. Management are lovely.

    • Christina, March 2016

      Just a note to say that we had a wonderful time at The Boathouse. Thanks for your greeting and advice. We enjoyed a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We also spent two days exploring parts of the Daintree. The house was lovely and clean as was the pool where we spent many relaxing hours. Thanks

    • Lester McDonald

      We spent our honeymoon at the Boathouse. The property has a very unique design. It has this very romantic ambiance with plenty of privacy. The infinity pool is fantastic. House facilities are complete and of good quality. The booking staff and local manager offered us great service. Thanks a lot! - Lester and Grace

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  • Oak Beach Retreat 3
    • Elise Adams

      I could not ask for more. The house had everything! Huge rooms, very well sanitized and maintained, quiet environment, nicely decorated interior and lovely facade, private saltwater swimming pool and much more. The booking staff and local manager were friendly and accommodating. Overall, we had a wonderful time spending our first holiday of the year at the Oak Beach Retreat. I would highly recommend the house to all my friends.

    • Joe Ryan

      Really nice house and well equipped with everything we could have needed. The beach walk is right across the road and we spend a lot of time with the kids building sand castles and having the usual beach fun. Pool is beautiful and there is a hut next to the pool with outdoor settings where we had several great BBQs.

    • Janet Stevens

      Staying at Oak Beach Retreat was a great experience. We liked how it is privately situated. It's complete will all the things we needed such as good quality linen, washing machine, kitchen utensils, and much more. The outdoor dining area was a great place to be while having delicious meals. The property has a very nice ambiance and it is the best place to visit for anyone of you who wants to have a perfect holiday. Amazing house, great location, and good value for money.

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  • Oak Beach Villa 1

    • Justine Davis

      Great location and lovely managers. Thanks so much for great holiday.

  • Ocean's Edge 4
    • Nina Cook

      Gorgeous house and amazing views. It is even better than what we were anticipating and our expectations were high. Cleanliness was very well maintained and that is the first thing we usually notice. Truly high class and stunning. Rooms were very spacious and well maintained. Fresh air everywhere. Cool breeze makes it even more comfortable and relaxing. We couldn't ask for anything else. Just super fabulous and we had such a great and memorable getaway. Thanks Ocean Edge!

    • Louise Parker

      We had our vacation with my whole family at the Ocean Edge. Never thought that the place would be so perfect. My daughters were always out in the pool. The kitchen was large and it had all the things I needed. The house is super clean. The vacation we had was indeed an unforgettable one and the best so far.

    • Hans Webb

      The house is right on the beach which was pretty special. We sat outside on the deck for hours every day gazing at the sea with a glass of wine socialising. What a wonderful time we had. The house is spacious and clean and the booking process was absolutely painless.

    • Gin Bennett

      A wonderful place to be! Ocean Edge has the most breathtaking views. One of the best we have ever seen. This place is a paradise. We had so much fun. Staying at the house was so relaxing. It was very serene and the breeze coming from the ocean was the best stress reliever for the whole family. We chose Ocean Edge because of its location and comfort. Very modern and elegant. The house has this open plan design wherein you can enjoy the stunning views of the ocean from the living and dining areas and bedroom. The house is complete with all the things you need: wireless internet, entertainment system, quality kitchen wares, pool, bath tub, clean linen, gas BBQ, laundry facilities, and so much more. This is the place to be. I enjoyed and appreciated the services, the house, and everything about our perfect holiday. I am sure that you too will enjoy as much as we did. Many thanks to Ocean Edge, its staff and the manager. We would be coming back for more wonderful times and great adventures.

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  • Paradise on Broadbeach 1

    • Mark, February 2016

      FYI - we rented multiple properties over the last 3 weeks, for a trip that covered NZ (North & South Islands), Sydney, Gold Coast & Melbourne (Mornington Peninsular). I found Luxury Holidays to be the most professional provider, and your property the best too.

  • Peninsula 4 4
    • Dwight Johnson

      The place was amazing! They have excellent service. My wife and kids loved every bit of the house. The kids just can't get enough of the pool. Check out the Mariners restaurant where they serve the best seafood in town. If you want to have the best holiday, make The Peninsula 4 your first and only choice.

    • Nora Davis

      The view was breathtaking. I just love that the house is perfectly located near the ocean. The cool breeze is like a stress reliever. I enjoyed staying at the balcony area with some food and drinks. The booking was smooth and the service is of high quality. I will suggest this house to my friend who will be having their honeymoon.

    • Vince Wilson

      The views of the ocean are stunning. There was plenty of room in this house for our family of 9. Having our own pool was essential as the kids love to be in it all day. We could sit on the deck and watch them. There is also a large lap pool. Great location with no noise. Very peaceful just the way we like it!

    • Mildred Taylor

      My parents and I had such a great time. My mom enjoyed the spa and dad had so much fun playing golf. I commend the excellent service that the Peninsula 4 staff offered us during our stay. The architectural design is very exquisite and modern. We love the place. It is surely a piece of heaven that you can find on earth. Thumbs up and five stars for quality service.

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  • Peninsula 6 2
    • Jamie Ward

      This house was huge and we all had our own space to retreat when we wanted to. The kids loved the second lounge room downstairs where they spread out their toys, watched their movies and had a great time. Adults were left to socialise in peace lol! Great mangement. We had a much better experience than last time we stayed on the island which we won't talk about. I highly recommend these people. They are lovely to deal with.

    • Freddie Evans

      A very nice house with complete high end facilities. It has a large outdoor dining, a huge BBQ area, and a private swimming pool. The kitchen has all the things we needed. Overall, the villa is spacious, clean, modern, luxurious, and one of a kind. The service was great. Many thanks.

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  • Plantation House 1 4
    • Jefferson Griffiths

      Perfect rating for Plantation House! Everyone had a great time. We did not expect that the property would be that big and spacious. The kitchen made cooking pleasurable complete with all the kitchen appliances and utensils. Bathrooms are well sanitized. Our favorite spot was the outdoor dining area. We had most of our meals there because of the refreshing sea breeze. The kids enjoyed the pool and the play area as well. Overall, the house is fantastic! Since we just had a short stay, we are planning to go back soon (by then, much longer). The kids cannot wait!

    • Natasha Mason

      My family and I had a wonderful holiday. The house was perfect. It is spacious, comfortable, airy, refreshing, peaceful and very relaxing. It has a nice and well illuminated interior. Wireless internet is available. The property and the area ar wonderful. Highly recommended for all families, couples, and friends. Hope you too will have a wonderful time at Plantation House.

    • Joanna Gibson

      We only had 2 couples however the property has 4 bedrooms so it can easily sleep more. It is right in front of a beautiful large park with play equipment. The beach is a stroll across the park. We walked along the beach every morning and it was magical. Great markets nearby on a Sunday and highly recommended. If you choose to stay here you will be very happy like we were. Great place.

    • Christopher Ross

      Every detail of the property was perfect for us. Well designed and furnished with all the things we needed. The master bedroom is huge and airy. The lounge area is comfortable and perfect for having movie marathons. There is a large communal swimming pool which is only used by a few other villas and we had it mostly to ourselves. We also commend the quality service that the staff had offered us during our stay. Very friendly and approachable. Thanks a lot and we will surely be booking our next getaway at Plantation House.

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  • Riverview Fantastic Waterfront Mansion 3
    • John Taylor

      We spent our holiday with my wife, son, and a couple of friends at the Riverview Surfers Paradise. It is absolutely stunning. The house is very spacious and modern, just the way we liked it. I really recommend the property to anyone who wants a great flawless holiday with great location and luxury.

    • Christian Moore

      Thank you so much for the wonderful holiday we had. The house was incredible, complete, clean, and airy. Everyone had a great time. The bar downstairs was a nice place to have some drinks overlooking the river. The pool was great also. Plenty of stuff for the kids. They loved the WII games console and the big boxes of toys. As soon as we arrived the kids started playing and we could just relax and not worry about them. The big kids had fun with the fishing rods which were supplied to fish off the jetty.

    • Audrey Richardson

      The house was fantastic! It is huge, modern, and very world class. We had truly a wonderful time with my family. My parents were in awe when they saw the house. My mom complimented my good taste when it comes to holiday accommodation and location. The house has all the things that we needed. There was an entertainment room where we enjoyed watching our favorite movies and had some fun on the WII games console. There is an amazing kitchen which was better equipped than any kitchen I have ever seen including my own! The views of the river and surfers skyline were breathtaking. The other areas of the house were very spacious also. Every single inch of the property is perfect. The booking staff were a pleasure to deal with and everything was easy. We are certain about returning next year.

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  • Sea Temple 121 4
    • Larry Brown

      Nice apartment. Really neat and spacious. We loved it so much thank you. I will recommend the apartment to all my friends.

    • Emelyn Rogers

      121 Sea Temple is such a wonderful place to stay in Palm Cove. It has excellent service and hospitality. The apartment is complete with high-end facilities and is very clean. We feel refreshed and re-energized after our holiday at this apartment. Perfect rating!

    • Kayla Thomas

      Beautiful apartment on the ground floor so no balconies for our kiddies to worry about. It's within Pullman Resort which used to be the Sea Temple so it's pretty special. I believe they can not advertise it as that as we did not know the name of the resort until we made the booking. The resort has a Balinese style and is very tranquil and beautiful. There is a day spa onsite, bar and restaurant. Plenty of choice of swimming pools though we spend most of the time at the large kids wading pool as our little ones are only toddlers. They loved to splash around and the water is shallow so we could sit on the sunlounges watching them with a cocktail. Loved it! There is a big lagoon pool also and a lap pool for the sporty people. The resort is on the beach. There are some trees on the beach front and a path build through these to get there. The apartment was bigger than elsewhere we stayed in Palm Cove, clean and well equipped.

    • Jean Thomas

      The first thing that caught my attention was the beautifully designed interior. The colors are close to nature and tasteful. Secondly, it offered privacy during our stay. The apartment is clean and safe and very ideal for those who have kids. Laundry facilities are available for easy washing. We just love the property so much that my husband and I decided to visit Sea Temple again on our next holiday.

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  • Sea Temple 304 2
    • Janine Tan

      Thank you for everything. Really made our family holiday one to remember! Spacious apartment and great extras like big TV, lots of movie DVDs, Austar and big spa. The management are the best we have dealt with and considering we go on holidays 4 times a year that is saying a lot. Very helpful and responsive. The resort is amazing. We had no idea it was at the Sea Temple Resort when we enquired about this place. That was a bonus. It is called Pullman Resort now but used to be Sea Temple when we stayed here years ago.

    • Helen Smith

      Everything about Apartment 304 at the Sea Temple is wonderful! Our family was very happy with everything and we had the most enjoyable holiday. The booking process was flawless, helpful, friendly and informative. The best service compared to other resorts and properties that we have visited. Very tastefully designed interior and everything was well maintained. Our next stay at Palm Cove will be at Apartment 304 at the Sea Temple for sure! Thank you

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  • Shore Lines One 3
    • Billy Taylor

      My family had such a wonderful time at the apartment. The upper deck is the perfect place to chill out. We did not have any problems during our stay. The property offered us the best quality of service and accommodation. Truly world class.

    • Minerva Clark

      Everything about the apartment exceeded our expectations. The area is large and each room is fully equipped with modern appliance and furniture. It has a nice timber flooring and the kitchen has all the things you need of high quality. The sofa and beds are comfortable. Cleanliness is very well maintained and the apartment is light and airy with aircon. We will be coming back soon.

    • Marie Allen

      Shorelines 1 has wonderful views of the ocean and is very private being an end apartment. We love the the breeze coming from the ocean, the picturesque landscapes , and the beautiful sunsets. The rooms are spacious, well furnished, and clean. The lounge room has a large LCD TV and WII game console to keep you entertained. The bathroom has a big corner spa bath and the apartment has timber floors throughout which add to the great feel of it. Overall, the apartment is stunning. Staying at Shorelines 1 was like heaven!

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  • Shore Lines 14 2
    • Robert Ross

      We had a fantastic experience during our stay at Shorelines 14. Very nice views and the air was so refreshing. We had a great time lounging around and enjoying the beach. The apartment was clean and very comfortable. Everything about the property is close to perfection. I think we would come back next year.

    • Amanda Jane Nicholson

      We had the most wonderful holiday at Shorelines 14 on Hamilton Island. The ocean views are spectacular. The booking staff and valet were super friendly and helpful. Thanks Astrid for your great advice on restaurants. We ended up at Cocu Chu and loved it. Everything in the apartment is of high quality. The furnishings are modern and tasteful and very comfortable. We were very relaxed after a week at Shorelines 14. We are looking forward to returning soon.

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  • Shore Lines 5 3
    • Luke Davis

      We had a wonderful experience staying at Shorelines 5. It was even better than what we were expecting. Awesome views and fantastic valet welcomed us. Booking staff were great too. Thanks again.

    • Jake Andrew Martin

      Thank you for giving us the best holiday so far. We enjoyed the views and the services before and during our stay. The apartment is one of a kind! Very clean and spacious. We spent most of our time in the Shorelines pool area. We also were given a swipe tag to access the Edge pool which was amazing. We are planning to go back soon.

    • Mike Bryan White

      Shorelines 5 on Hamilton Island is fantastic, modern, clean, peaceful, and fully equipped with all the things you need. The views are gorgeous. Our holiday was absolutely perfect. It's worth every penny.

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  • Shore Lines 23 1

    • Sarah Keily

      I stayed in Shorelines 23 for 5 nights at the end of July. Thinking this could be our annual escape from Melbourne winter. The complex is great and having access to the Edge pool was the best perk of our stay. The rooms were great and would be perfect for a family of 4 or 2 couples travelling. Having seen 5 awesome sunsets from various points on the island, the balcony and the edge pool were the best positions we came across. The electric buggy was reliable and is the only way to get around. Don't go to HI without one. I couldn't imagine having to wait around for courtesy buses. The Coles online service was reliable also and definitely made us happy with our decision to self cater. The airport transfers were also on time and done by friendly staff. Do not hesitate to book shorelines 23.

  • The White House GC 3
    • Evelin Jackson

      My family just loved how the house looks like and despite all the luxuries we felt very relaxed. Mara met us with a bottle of champagne and was super lovely. She showed us how everything worked. It also has the greatest Gold Class Movie Cinema where we enjoyed watching our favorite movies. As for the kitchen, it has a good variety of high quality appliances. The bedrooms are huge and very comfortable. The pool is fantastic! We had the perfect getaway ever!

    • Peter Smith

      My wife and I considered going out of the country for a vacation but then a friend of mine recommended The White House GC. We looked it up on the internet and without any second thoughts, we booked and stayed there with our family. The views are superb! You look over the large pool at the river and beautiful grass land with a back drop off surfers skyline, it is breathtaking. The rooms are huge and very well designed. The kidz zone is very child friendly and it is equipped with lots of kids stuff. My kids had a great time. We just cannot get enough of the therapeutic Jacuzzi. This property is exceptional .

    • Sandy Moore

      The White House GC deserves a perfect rating . Upon arriving, we were in awe by the luxurious and modernly designed grand foyer. All rooms are spacious and beautifully furnished. The Gold Class Cinema and Jacuzzi only added to our delightful say. Great selection of movies in the cinema room also. Kids loved Xbox and games. I highly recommend that you would stay at The White House GC and have the vacation of a lifetime.

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  • Edge 16 4
    • Daisy Parker

      My friends recommended us Villa 16 and without second thoughts, we spend our holiday there. It is a very luxurious property, very clean, and well maintained. I love the stunning ocean views. Very beautiful especially during sunset. The living area and the kitchen are equipped with very modern everything we needed. Overall, the property is exceptional and exceeded my expectations. Will be surely going back for our next family holiday. Thank you!

    • Jed Forster

      My girlfriend and I along with couple of our friends spent our holiday at the beaufiul Villa 16 The Edge on Hamilton Island. This was our third trip to Hamilton Island. We chose the property because of its location being so close to everything plus being ocean front the we wanted great views. It was world class! Everyhing we needed for a great holiday was there. The decks were large, the furniture modern and comfortable, there was plenty of space, the views were breathtaking, the buggy worked well, the booking and valet staff were fantastic. We are looking forward to returning for sure!

    • Daphne Scott

      Edge 16 is incredible! We spend our 4thyear anniversary with family and it was a blast!! The place is so clean and well maintained. We never had a problem during our stay. Everything was in place and the valet staff was also very accommodating. I love how the villa is beautifully furnished with high quality furniture. Rooms were spacious and everyone had a comfortable bed. We love the whole property and we will be surely coming back. Thanks a lot to Astrid and her wonderful team!

    • Tanya, June 2014

      My sister and our friend rented Edge 16 for a week as a celebration of their two milestone birthdays.

      What a marvellous place - a short buggy trip from the marina, on a quiet side of the island, with a million dollar view of the water. My sister had the upstairs room with spa and balcony. There was no one else about during the first part of our stay, but when others did arrive toward the end of the week, we were pleased to discover that we could not hear a thing from below or next door. There was a minor problem with the downstairs toilet, which was fixed the very same day it was reported.

      We loved the spacious lounge/kitchen/dining area where we could hang out, and watching the cockatoos who came to visit and feed from the plants outside the kitchen window. We loved eating breakfast on the balcony at one end of the day, and enjoying a drink at the other, watching the sun and sky play on the water while boats glided across. The Edge complex's infinity pool was stunning, and we enjoyed a few swims and lazing by the pool sessions there. We did not want to leave.

    • vew more
  • Edge 4 1

    • Bonnie Fisher

      Thank you for a lovely stay at Villa 4 The Edge. We have booked with various booking companies in the past and this experience was by far the best. The whole process was flawless and pleasant. The villa was immaculate and the views fantastic. We loved the modern look and feel. The kitchen was well equipped. I don't normally like to cook but I actually enjoyed cooking in this kitchen. We spend many hours sitting on the beautiful deck gazing at the ocean. It is nice to have a large gas BBQ also thank you and not one of those small electric ones like we had at other properties. Austar was great to have and internet came in handy too. We needed batteries for a remote and were assisted promptly. Thank you so much for everything and we will be sure to return.

  • Yacht Club Villa 27 1

    • Candace Johnson

      We chose this property because we were seeking luxury, comfort, great ocean views and plenty of space for our extended family of 8. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. All areas are clean and spacious. The ocean views are breath taking. We love it!!! We will recommend Yacht Club Villa 27 to our relatives and friends.

    • Petrel08 from Adelaide, Australia, February 23, 2016

      From initial enquiry to our drop off at Hamilton Island airport everything was perfect and seamless. All enquiries leading up to our stay were answered immediately, the property is just stunning, clean, comfortable and with breathtaking views from just about each room. Perfect location on the island if you want to walk to the main street for some shopping or a meal. It was so good we intend to return again next year. Dealing with Astrid and her team was easy yet highly professional.

  • The Beach House 1

    • Dimiti, Sydney

      What a magical place!

      Combine the ultimate beach house with stunning interiors and the best nature has to offer at your doorstep and you have the perfect antidote to our hectic modern lives. Our week at The Beach House was perfection

From owners

  • Jonathan 1

    • Thanks for your email with details of the monthly statement.

      The rental performance looks excellent-thank you again.


  • Sean 1

    • Just a quick 'pat on the back' and thanks.

      The forward bookings are looking very strong.

      Thanks again for all your hard work. It's made a big difference for us.

  • Paul 1

    • You're amazing, that was the last space, the place is completely booked out!

      Well done.


  • Melissa 1

    • Hi Astrid,

      Great to see such a lovely review, and a credit to you, Bron and your respective teams!

      Thanks to you both for your attention to detail - it really makes the guest experience special!



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